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Book Reviews

The Moonday Letters by Emmi Itäranta

I have no idea where to begin with this review. It’s so difficult to capture the magic of this novel that I won’t be able to do it justice. The Moonday Letters is certainly a unique read, one that is more of an experience as you see life through Lumi’s letters which is much different from the typical sci-fi / eco novel.… Continue reading →

The Path of Thorns by A.G. Slatter

I adored Slatter’s debut novel All the Murmuring Bones, so when I was sent her next novel I was thrilled to delve back into her writing once more. The Path of Thorns was just as dark and gripping as I hoped it would be.… Continue reading →

Violets by Kyung-Sook Shin

I loved how Shin was able to do so much in such a short novel, the pacing and the character development were excellently presented. The way that Shin manages to make San’s everyday life so surreal and dreamlike – almost as if you’re strolling through the streets in the same dazed state as San gave the novel a new dimension that was almost haunting.… Continue reading →

Nettle and Bone by T. Kingfisher

The opening of this novel immediately sets the scene and draws you into the world. From the first chapter we see how dark and mysterious this story will be, but also balanced with humour which I wasn’t expecting at all. Additionally, I really enjoyed how we jumped straight into Marra doing what she can to save her sister from Prince Vorling. … Continue reading →

Ragged by Christopher Irvin

Firstly, a huge thank you to Titan Books for sending me a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. Publisher: Titan BooksPublication Date: 19/04/2022Length: 288 pagesGenre: Fiction | Mystery | Gothic CW: graphic depictions of death and illness In a feral twist on crime fiction, Cal, a mutt with a criminal past,… Continue reading →

Blog Tour – The Carnival of Ash by Tom Beckerlegge

Welcome to my stop on The Carnival of Ash blog tour! Huge thanks to TheWriteReads and Rebellion Publishing for giving me the opportunity to take part in this! I was provided a copy of the novel in exchange for an honest review.  Publisher: Solaris / Rebellion PublishingPublication Date: 17/03/2022Length: 528 pagesGenre: Literary Fiction | Historical… Continue reading →

Blog Tour – The Green Indian Problem by Jade Leaf Willetts

It is rare for an author to capture the voice of a child so authentically and yet, Willetts has done just that through the wonderful narrative voice of Green. The entire novel is from Green’s perspective in the form of his ‘workbook’ – a diary where he writes out his problems to help him solve them. The one he wants to solve the most is: why does everyone think he’s a girl when he’s really a boy? It was impossible not to love Green immediately, he had this wonderful, childish charm and an innocent curiousness about the world around him. He feels much wiser than his 7-and-a-half years, but there are also many times where his age really shows through – a balance that is both amusing and heartbreaking depending on the situation.… Continue reading →

Blog Tour – Women and Love by Miriam Burke

As it is February, I’m sure you will see many reviews of romances or books where love is the main theme, however, I don’t think you’ll find a collection of short stories that explores love in a brutal, yet beautiful, way. Not only does Burke celebrate the diversity of love in this collection, not only in the characters depicted but in the way love is shown. … Continue reading →

Scorpica by G.R. Macallister

As a lover of the fantasy genre, I’ve really been enjoying how many refreshing takes are being taken in recent years, especially in the aspects of the role reversal of male and female characters. However, Scorpica, takes this to a whole new level with its darkly complex characters, intricate politics and world-building as well as the brilliance of how each thread of plot weaves together in ways you don’t always anticipate.… Continue reading →

All the White Spaces by Ally Wilkes

When this book landed on my doorstep, with a letter from the esteemed James Randall himself inviting me on the expedition, I knew that this would be the novel to break me out of my reading slump. Having been fascinated with the story of Captain Scott as a child, this novel was just shouting at me to pick it up and when I did I found myself falling in love with exploration all over again.… Continue reading →

The Book of Baku by R.L. Boyle

As we’re in the height of the spooky season, I wanted to share my review of The Book of Baku which I read a few weeks ago. I had come across the Japanese myth of the ‘Baku’ a few times and I was curious to see how it would be presented in this novel; I quickly found out that this was a chilling take that still haunts me weeks later.… Continue reading →

Horseman by Christina Henry

After yesterday’s review (as well as other Henry reviews of mine…) it will not be a surprise at all that I absolutely loved this novel and devoured it in one sitting. Somehow, each time I read one of Henry’s books they just get better and better which I didn’t know was even still possible.… Continue reading →

Near the Bone by Christina Henry

Just a heads up before we get into the review, this is going to be fairly brief (in my terms, at least) as there are a lot of points to this novel which I would consider spoilers and part of why I enjoyed this novel so much was because I had no idea of the complexities of the plot going into the novel.… Continue reading →

The Nesting by C.J. Cooke

I’m a bit late to the party when it comes to The Nesting, however after seeing it sitting on my shelf for a while I thought that now would be the perfect time to start it with the nights getting longer.… Continue reading →

Blog Tour – The Tale of the Tailor and the Three Dead Kings by Dan Jones

Ghost stories have been told throughout the centuries, and whilst many may not have quite the same impact on a modern audience than on its contemporary one, there are some that can still evoke fear and unease even all this time later. The Tale of the Tailor and the Three Dead Kings, retold by Dan Jones, is one that still stands the test of time with some gruesome imagery that I’m still thinking about even now (I’m not sure I’ll be able to look at goats in the same way ever again).… Continue reading →

The Thirteenth Hour by Trudie Skies

This novel first caught my attention a few months ago when Skies shared the aesthetics of the world and accompanying quotes of The Thirteenth Hour on Twitter. I was immediately invested in these characters and couldn’t wait for the novel to come out to meet them. Now that I have finished the book, I can safely say that the characters lived up to my expectations and more!… Continue reading →


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