General Horror

Life Ceremony by Sayaka Murata

Murata has very quickly become a new favourite author of mine, I especially loved the darker story of Earthlings, so I was thrilled to see that a lot of the collection did follow similar darkness. Personally, I think Life Ceremony is an amazing introduction to Murata’s writing and the range that she can expertly handle.

Blog Tour – The Creeper by A.M. Shine

Welcome to my stop on The Creeper blog tour! Huge thanks to Head of Zeus for giving me the opportunity to take part in this! I was provided a copy of the novel in exchange for an honest review.  Publisher: Head of ZeusPublication Date: 15/09/2022Length: 240 pagesGenre: Horror | Gothic Horror CW: graphic depictions of…

All the White Spaces by Ally Wilkes

When this book landed on my doorstep, with a letter from the esteemed James Randall himself inviting me on the expedition, I knew that this would be the novel to break me out of my reading slump. Having been fascinated with the story of Captain Scott as a child, this novel was just shouting at…


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Horseman by Christina Henry

After yesterday’s review (as well as other Henry reviews of mine…) it will not be a surprise at all that I absolutely loved this novel and devoured it in one sitting. Somehow, each time I read one of Henry’s books they just get better and better which I didn’t know was even still possible.

Blog Tour – The Tale of the Tailor and the Three Dead Kings by Dan Jones

Ghost stories have been told throughout the centuries, and whilst many may not have quite the same impact on a modern audience than on its contemporary one, there are some that can still evoke fear and unease even all this time later. The Tale of the Tailor and the Three Dead Kings, retold by Dan…

Blog Tour – The Watchers by A.M. Shine

When I first heard about this novel it sounded like the perfect, creepy read for the spooky season. I was especially drawn to the fact that it seemed to have roots in the more traditional, gothic, style of horror which is a particular favourite of mine and Shine certainly did not disappoint!


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Psychological Thrillers

Black Mouth by Ronald Malfi

I absolutely adored Come With Me when I read it last year, so I was not surprised in the slightest that I also devoured Black Mouth in a single sitting. There’s just something about Malfi’s writing that it’s utterly captivating, making it impossible to put the novel down. The pacing, the plot and the characters…

Ghostwritten by Ronald Malfi

Whenever I hear that Malfi has a new book coming out I am always excited, they always sink their claws into me and I can never help myself but devour the entire book as soon as possible as I need to know what happens. The four novellas that make up Ghostwritten have the same level…

Now You’re One of Us by Asa Nonami

The entire novel focuses on Noriko as she struggles with learning her place in her secretive family. By keeping the novel limited to Noriko’s perspective this effectively heightened the tense atmosphere in the novel. I especially loved how we witness Noriko develop over the course of the novel.


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