Blog Tour – The Anointed by Michael Arditti

Welcome to my stop on The Anointed blog tour! Thank you to MidasPR and Arcadia Books for the opportunity to take part.

Publisher: Arcadia Books
Publication Date:
Length: 337 pages
Historical Fiction | Biblical Retelling

CW: sexual assault

Michal is a princess, Abigail a wealthy widow, and Bathsheba a soldier’s bride, but as women in Ancient Israel their destiny is the same: to obey their fathers, serve their husbands and raise their children.

Marriage to King David seems to offer them an escape, but behind the trappings of power they discover a deeply conflicted man. The legendary hero who slew Goliath, founded Jerusalem and saved Israel is also a vicious despot who murders his rivals, massacres his captives and menaces his harem.

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