Blog Tour – Glass Coffin by Gabby Hutchinson Crouch

Welcome to my stop on the Glass Coffin blog tour! Huge thanks to Random Things Tours for giving me the opportunity to take part in this!

Just a quick aside, I got incredibly excited by the summary of this novel that I somehow completely missed the fact that this is the last in a trilogy. So, for today I am highlighting some wonderful reviews, but keep an eye out as I’ve bought the first two books and plan to review the trilogy!

Publisher: Farrago Books
Publication Date:
Length: 304 pages
Fantasy | Middle Grade

CW: n/a

The tyrannous Huntsmen have declared everyone in one village to be outlaws, since they insist on supporting the magical beings of neighbouring Darkwood. Why won’t they accept that magic is an abomination?

Far from being abominable, the residents of Darkwood are actually very nice when you get to know them, even Snow the White Knight, who can get a bit tetchy when people remind her she’s a Princess.

In order to stop the Huntsmen from wiping out all magical beings, Snow and her friends have to venture into the Badlands of Ashtrie, and seek the support of the Glass Witch – but she has plans of her own, and let’s just say they’re not good ones. 

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