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Blog Tour – Fae Child by Jane-Holly Meissner

Welcome to my stop on the Fae Child blog tour! Huge thanks to Random Things Tours for giving me the opportunity to take part in this! I was provided a copy of the novel in exchange for an honest review. 

Fae Child is the first in a children’s fantasy series which centres on eight-year-old Abbie, who is adventurous and loves exploring the woods behind her home in Oregon. One day as she’s wandering with her dog, Sammy, she comes across a pond and when she peers into it, she’s surprised to see a face that isn’t hers staring back at her. Before she knows it, Abbie is pulled through to the other side of the pond by a wild-haired boy dressed in strange green clothes, into another world. Whilst she’s trying to figure out a way back to her own world and her parents, a girl who looks exactly like her takes her place… 

I really loved all the different characters in this novel, I think Abbie is a wonderful protagonist and the way she deals with her situation is admirable and both children and adults can learn a lot from her. I also loved how inquisitive she was and how unafraid she was to ask questions and be herself. Although we don’t see the two characters together much through the novel, I also loved the way the father-daughter relationship between Abbie and her dad is portrayed. In fact, all of the relationships and friendships are really well written in this novel; they are complex yet wholesome (for the most part). I’m thrilled that this is the start of a series, as it will be great to see how these characters progress and develop. 

The plot was well paced and it was a great way to introduce readers to the world. I really enjoyed the way the novel was written and how the different characters spoke. I thought that was a brilliant, subtle, way to show the differences between the worlds and the people within them. There were many different aspects to the plot that kept me hooked and would introduce young readers to how interesting stories can be and how they’re not all from one perspective. Although this is a children’s novel, I feel like many older readers would also greatly enjoy the world and the premise that Meissner has set up through Fae Child. Whilst there were simple elements to the story that older readers would pick up on quite quickly, this didn’t feel like a children’s fantasy novel. It felt more like a fantasy novel that children would be able to understand instead. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this novel and thought that it is a very promising start to a new hit series for young readers. Although, it is also one that adults could enjoy too – with loveable characters and an intriguing plot! Be sure to pick this up when it is published tomorrow (15 December 2020)!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

About the Author

Jane-Holly, an Oregon based writer, has been scribbling stories into notebooks and
online for most of her life. She squeezes in time for her four kids, date nights at the
movies with her husband, and explaining her first name to everyone she meets. She
believes that, if creativity is directly correlated to how messy your house is, she might
just be one of the most creative people on the planet.

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