Thoughtful Thursday – Reflecting on 2020

I can’t believe that it is the end of 2020, if I was reviewing this year the way I would a novel it would simply state that it did not live up to expectations and the pacing was way off at times – the beginning dragged and the end was rushed. That being said, I feel that I have been able to make the best of a, globally, terrible year.

In fact, if it wasn’t for lockdown then I may still be suffering from severe book burnout – instead I have read the most books that I have ever read in a single year. With this renewed enthusiasm for books, and reading, I found myself wanting to talk about them and start blogging again. As I had been away from the book community for as long as I was – I fully expected to spend the first six months to a year just shouting into the internet void. Instead, I was welcomed into the community in a way that I never was before and felt a part of it straight away instead of as an outsider looking in. So, thank you for that and for all the support you have given me.

It feels odd to be doing a year wrap up when I’ve barely been blogging five months or so. However, I think I have achieved a lot in those five months! 

  • I have a total following across all my platforms that exceeds (by a whole lot) the total that I had amassed after five years of blogging previously. 
  • I’ve also taken part in blog tours for the first time and love it!
  • I have created my own blog branding and even bought a domain.
  • So far I have been able to stick to a consistent blog schedule.
  • I have begun to form relationships with publishers and be sent arcs unexpectedly.
  • I am an affiliate of Blackwell’s and UK. 
  • Most importantly, I have made so many friends in the community and I look forward to making many more in the future.

Outside of blogging the biggest, and most unexpected, aspect of this year was getting a fluffy addition to the family! It still feels very surreal to finally have a cat after wanting one for nearly two decades – even though I’ve only had Yuki for a couple of months I genuinely can’t imagine life without him – or what it feels to sleep through the night… or what it feels like to take photos of something other than him…

This is a fairly short wrap up as, like I said, I have not been back blogging for very long and I’m still very much still finding my feet. I hope to create more new content next year and have a fully fleshed out end of year review for 2021! I’ve already put together some goals for 2021 which I’m excited to share with you all in the New Year!

If you missed my top 5 books of the year, go and check it out – you may even find a new favourite yourself! 

Regardless of what 2020 brought for you this year, I hope that 2021 is everything you need and want it to be. 

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2 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday – Reflecting on 2020


    I restarted book blogging a little over a year ago, moved to WordPress in June/Julyish and since then my blogging has really taken off! I’ve started taking part in blog tours too, which is a really cool experience. I’m looking forward to seeing what 2021 brings!

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    1. He’s so precious, he is also very bitey at the moment but he’s so cute you can’t be angry haha!

      Wow, our timelines are really similar as I’m the same too! I hope your success continues into 2021!


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