Blog Tour – Keegan’s Wrath by A.D. Lombardo

Welcome to my stop on the Keegan’s Wrath blog tour! Huge thanks to Blackberry Book Tours for giving me the opportunity to take part in this! I was provided a copy of the novel in exchange for an honest review. 

Publisher: Self published
Publication Date:
Length: 332 pages
Middle Grade | Young Adult | Fantasy

CW: n/a

Is Kai strong enough to stop his father Keegan, or will his fear cost him everything?

In the aftermath of Kai revealing the incredible power of Katori magic to the people beyond their borders, many Katori find the world a dangerous place for their kind and flee their homes to avoid persecution. Amid this chaos, Kai fears that his lack of magical visions will leave him in the dark at the worst possible time.

When news of Keegan and his Caroco ships sailing along the Katori shoreline disrupts Kai’s momentary bliss with Rayna, they race to the seaside city of Kahoma. Filled with a lifetime of wrath, Keegan sets in motion a chain of events that turns brother against brother, setting Katori on the path of civil war.

With deception and lies at his disposal, Keegan starts a confrontation that costs Kai the life of someone dear and threatens the fate of Diu. Unsure if he is ready, Kai chases Keegan, driven by the desire to save those he cares for most. Against the backdrop of war, Kai must risk everything to turn the tide in his favor. In the final cataclysmic battle, Kai will face his greatest challenge—his parents. 



I have been so excited for this novel, the last installment in The Katori Chronicles, as I have thoroughly enjoyed this entire series and have been dying to see how it would end and Lombardo definitely didn’t disappoint.

This novel picks up where The Traitor left off which I really liked as, aside from the mysterious prologue, we were going straight into the heart of the story. This entire novel was very well-paced and, even though it was mostly faster than the others, it perfectly contributed to the sense of urgency of the impending war but it was also done in such a way that it didn’t feel confusing.

I also liked the way things from previous books were casually mentioned as it almost felt nostalgic and really emphasised how far the characters have come. Once again Lombardo illustrated how much these characters have grown and developed compared to the earlier novels, and yet you can still see some elements to remind you that they are still the same characters we first met. It’s through this growth that Lombardo deftly avoids falling into particular cliches, simply by having Kai pause and thinking before speaking. This was so refreshing to see. Instead of Kaya trying to dictate what others, particularly the women in his life, should do in order to stay safe, he kept his thoughts and feelings in check and trusted those around him. Of course, there were times when he struggled a little with this, but that just made Kai feel more genuine.

There were a couple of moments that felt a little too perfect and coincidental in order to progress and plot points, however, even though doing this Lombardo also weaved the story in such a way where you never quite knew how everything would end. I enjoyed her this novel was so much more than just the war that Keegan was waging, even still I thought battle scenes were gripping and well-written. The final two chapters did feel a little rushed however, everything was wrapped up well and I still liked the ending and felt Lombardo did a fantastic job with the final novel in the series. 

Overall, I love this but I am sad that this is the last time I will get to adventure with these characters who I’ve loved seeing grow. I really hope Lombardo returns to this world in the future, as there are so many places and people that I would love to learn more about. I highly recommend this entire series to anyone interested in Middle Grade / Young Adult fantasy.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

About the Author

Angela Lombardo was born in Akron, Ohio, raised on a farm by her grandparents. Angela loves animals, the country life and is still a tomboy at heart. You can take her off the bobcat, but you’ll never get her to enjoy the city. She dabbled in playing the piano, sports and fishing.​

Her love of comics started with Spiderman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. Being a Trekkie and a BMX rider, Angela did not have many girlfriends or time for makeup. She spent most of her time with her older brother crashing dirt bikes and three-wheelers. As a teenager, her grandmother sent her to Barbizon to teach her how to be a proper girl. She is fortunate she had a son.

​Angela started writing The Half-Light in fall 2017 after a sleepless night gave her pause about the mother in a made-up story she created for her son. She spent the weekend solving the mystery of where the mother

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