Blog Post – Book Blogger Appreciation Week Roundup

As this week is Book Blogger Appreciation Week (which I didn’t actually realise until Sunday), I was originally going to post a Top 5 Friday feature of some of my favourite bloggers in the book community. However, it quickly became apparent that a top 5 was nowhere near enough so instead, this is me rambling and shouting out a group of wonderful people that you should definitely go and follow if you’re not already!

Alex @ Spells & Spaceships

For anyone that is in the SFF sphere of blogging, it won’t come as a surprise to see Alex mentioned on yet another appreciation list. He does so much for the community from hosting readalongs, creating reading challenges and, of course, introducing Norsevember which has been generating excitement since May and this is all on top of his brilliantly insightful and thoughtful reviews (seriously, dude, get some sleep!). However, what I love the most is how he champions self published books and authors, regularly doing what he can to ensure everyone hears about novels they may not otherwise, which I know is immensely appreciated by authors and readers. 

Cara @ The Tattooed Book

Now, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working in a bookshop with Cara and she is as lovely, welcoming and friendly offline as she is online. Her reviews are so articulate and really grasp the heart of the book which makes you compelled to read it (I’ve personally picked up a couple because of her reviews!). I also greatly appreciate being able to dissect darker reads with her knowing that she won’t judge as she enjoys disturbing reads as much as I do! I’m looking forward to our next buddy read! She also runs a cute bookish business – The Cosy Book Cult which you should definitely check out too.

Charlotte @ Sapphistication

Some of you may remember my post regarding ‘own voices in LGBTQIA+ novels’, and if you do then this blogger will sound familiar to you! Charlotte reads a whole host of fiction but if you’re looking for LGBTQIA+ recommendations, particularly featuring gothic themes and lesbians, then her blog is for you! It isn’t just book reviews that she provides, but Charlotte also has some fantastic resources on LGBTQIA+ friendly spaces online! Also, fun fact, Charlotte and I met at university (even if she did temporarily forget that fact when I reached out to her about the post back in February…!).

Dan @ Dan the Man

I couldn’t write this list without mentioning the wonderful, bubbly, Bookstagrammer Dan. By now I’m pretty sure the entire book community is familiar with Dan’s gorgeous photos, which you immediately know are his due to his signature style which always blows me away. When I first joined Twitter and came across Dan I was in awe (and actually a bit intimidated) by his following and the immense respect he has from the blogging community and as well as the publishing industry. I’m so happy I’ve got to know Dan and get to chat to him as he is an absolute delight and, as I’m sure many would agree, the most fabulous of us all. 

Isabelle @ The Shaggy Shepherd

I want to start by saying that Isabelle is lovely and I love that we’re in so many of the same communities and discord servers together! She is genuinely one of the most kind people that I have met online, I always love to read her thoughts about books – whether it be a full review or just a chat on Twitter as they’re always insightful. Even her cover reveals are incredibly enthusiastic which really builds my excitement for books I’ve normally not come across! Also, for an added bonus, if you follow Isabelle you frequently get adorable pet pictures which are guaranteed to make your day!

John @ Tales from Absurdia

I have only been following John’s reviews and content for a shorter space of time and yet I can’t imagine my timeline without him now. In fact, for any new bloggers I highly recommend checking out John’s resources as he has some guides (like The Bookish Glossary which is still helpful to me now after my time blogging) which are invaluable! Not only this but I love how unique and refreshing his reviews are and his love of philosophical books.

Lily @ Literary Lily

Despite promising that I will get better at watching BookTube, I’m still not completely there, someone I always have time to watch is Lily. I love her chill style which is informative as well as entertaining! Additionally, it’s really interesting to me to learn more about autism and autistic representation. Lily is incredibly open and fearless which I greatly admire, she’s not afraid to be herself and I love her for it. As an aside, Lily is a Mario Kart Master and I also love watching her cat, Maggie, launch herself at Lily whilst hosting reading sprints, even if that does mean I don’t get a lot of actual reading done…!

Livy @ Shelves of Starlight

Not only is Livy a wonderful human, she is also a wonderful blogger with a passion for history and mythology as well as books. Both of which she writes about with such enthusiasm and knowledge it’s difficult to not be impressed. Livy was actually one of the first friends I made on book Twitter after both joining at similar times and yet she feels like a pro at it. She’s also a pro at Mario Kart (even if her choice of Daisy as her main is questionable) and is a delight to talk to over discord calls which turns an hour chat into three hours of gushing over books, Marvel and mythology! 

Stephen @ Stephen Writes

The support I got from Stephen early on through comments and shares was incredibly motivating and something I’m very grateful for. It’s also something I’ve noticed he does a lot for bloggers both new and old which makes it so much easier to feel part of a community. He writes brilliant reviews for a whole host of different books but he also writes insightful discussion posts which are always fascinating to read. It isn’t just thoughts on other people’s work he writes, but his own poetry too!

Zoe @ Zoe’s Book Nook

Zoe is an absolute machine when it comes to reviews and blog tours and the rest, I have no idea how she does it! I love the chatty style of her reviews and her unique rating system. Her reviews grab you and instantly make you feel like you’re just getting a recommendation from a friend. She has also been incredibly supportive since I joined, always the first one to like my posts which always puts a smile on my face. Zoe is also incredibly connected and in the know, most of the time I only hear about things because she’s tagged me on Twitter, I would struggle without her!

There are so many people that I could include in this list but, if I did, you would probably still be here reading until next August! I’m so happy to have met such lovely and kind people and to have made such good friends over this last year, I couldn’t ask to be involved in a more wonderful community.

Who are your favourite bloggers? Give them a shout out in the comments!

Blog Post – Learning from The Master, Julia Donaldson

Firstly, a huge thank you to Midas PR for gifting me with the BBC Maestro course Writing Children’s Books taught by Julia Donaldson.

Price: £80, one off purchase with lifetime access
Number of lessons: 26
Length of course: 6.25 hours
Accessibility: Closed captions (English)
Additional features: 110 page course notes booklet, downloadable sheets and exercises
URL: BBC Maestro – Julia Donaldson Writing Children’s Picture Books

Julia’s industry secrets and creative tips will guide you from initial idea to final manuscript and how to get your children’s picture book published.

You couldn’t ask for a more qualified teacher. Julia’s books have sold more than 100 million copies worldwide, won too many awards to list and been adapted into eight award-winning animated films. And she’s a former Children’s Laureate to boot. So soak up the wisdom and insight from this formidable writer and her frequent collaborators – including her agent, her editor and The Gruffalo illustrator, Axel Scheffler.

BBC Maestro
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Hello everyone, welcome to Little Bird Book Blog!

It’s been a very long time since I have dipped my toes into the book blogging world and I’m very excited to come back! Once upon a time I ran a book blog for a few years starting when I was doing my A-Levels, I was reading a lot for school and outside it that I just wanted to share all of my thoughts (even if I was just shouting them into the void at first!).

The blog continued into my years studying English Literature at university, even if I didn’t keep up with any kind of regular posting schedule. However, after university I was in a huge slump: I was totally burnt out on reading books after having to power through four in a week (even if I didn’t like them) every week, and job hunting was draining. The thought of picking up a book and reviewing it became overwhelming and the blog became dormant.

Once I got a job I thought the commute would be the perfect time to get some reading in, like it was when I was on my placement year. However, I’d forgotten how long it took me to adjust to the 9-5 lifestyle in London on my placement year and so my to read list continued to pile up. I read a couple of books here and there, mostly on holiday or, if there were problems with my trains and I ended up having to sit on the District line for well over an hour.

This year I resolved to travel more (which hasn’t quite worked out) and read more. Back in February I attended a Japanese Literature event at the British Library where authors and their translators spoke in depth about their works which excited me and I came away with nearly all of the books on sale (which made the journey home on a crowded, delayed, Central line train even more fun).

One of the books I picked up was Penguin Highway by Tomihiko Morimi and little Aoyama inspired me to start writing again. I was fascinated with the way the boy took notes about everything and it made me want to start journalling again. I now have three journals on the go and it was my reading journal that convinced me to start a book blog again. After reading 44 books this year so far, I feel like I have recovered from my book burnout and rediscovered my lifelong passion and enthusiasm for reading.

Okay, so I know this was long winded but I hope you stick around for more of my reviews and ramblings! I know this is going to be tough starting out again, and there may be times that I feel overwhelmed with blogging, but I think I’m in a better place for it now, and I’m determined for it to continue.

~ Rosie