Hello everyone, welcome to Little Bird Book Blog!

It’s been a very long time since I have dipped my toes into the book blogging world and I’m very excited to come back! Once upon a time I ran a book blog for a few years starting when I was doing my A-Levels, I was reading a lot for school and outside it that I just wanted to share all of my thoughts (even if I was just shouting them into the void at first!).

The blog continued into my years studying English Literature at university, even if I didn’t keep up with any kind of regular posting schedule. However, after university I was in a huge slump: I was totally burnt out on reading books after having to power through four in a week (even if I didn’t like them) every week, and job hunting was draining. The thought of picking up a book and reviewing it became overwhelming and the blog became dormant.

Once I got a job I thought the commute would be the perfect time to get some reading in, like it was when I was on my placement year. However, I’d forgotten how long it took me to adjust to the 9-5 lifestyle in London on my placement year and so my to read list continued to pile up. I read a couple of books here and there, mostly on holiday or, if there were problems with my trains and I ended up having to sit on the District line for well over an hour.

This year I resolved to travel more (which hasn’t quite worked out) and read more. Back in February I attended a Japanese Literature event at the British Library where authors and their translators spoke in depth about their works which excited me and I came away with nearly all of the books on sale (which made the journey home on a crowded, delayed, Central line train even more fun).

One of the books I picked up was Penguin Highway by Tomihiko Morimi and little Aoyama inspired me to start writing again. I was fascinated with the way the boy took notes about everything and it made me want to start journalling again. I now have three journals on the go and it was my reading journal that convinced me to start a book blog again. After reading 44 books this year so far, I feel like I have recovered from my book burnout and rediscovered my lifelong passion and enthusiasm for reading.

Okay, so I know this was long winded but I hope you stick around for more of my reviews and ramblings! I know this is going to be tough starting out again, and there may be times that I feel overwhelmed with blogging, but I think I’m in a better place for it now, and I’m determined for it to continue.

~ Rosie

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