Blog Tour – Lying with Lions by Annabel Fielding

Welcome to my stop on the Lying with Lions blog tour! Huge thanks to Annabel Fielding for giving me the opportunity to take part in this!

Publisher: KDP
Publication Date:
Length: 233 pages
Historical Fiction | LGBT |Gothic

CW: mentions of sexual assault

Edwardian England. Agnes Ashford knows that her duty is threefold: she needs to work on cataloguing the archive of the titled Bryant family, she needs to keep the wounds of her past tightly under wraps, and she needs to be quietly grateful to her employers for taking her up in her hour of need. However, a dark secret she uncovers due to her work thrusts her into the Bryants’ brilliant orbit – and into the clutch of their ambitions.

They are prepared to take the new century head-on and fight for their preeminent position and political survival tooth and nail – and not just to the first blood. With a mix of loyalty, competence, and well-judged silence Agnes rises to the position of a right-hand woman to the family matriarch – the cunning and glamorous Lady Helen. But Lady Helen’s plans to hold on to power through her son are as bold as they are cynical, and one day Agnes is going to face an impossible choice…


Reviewer’s Quotes

Fielding has a wonderful way of writing and the prose is beautiful. The family drama, the inserting of actual events that happened in the past and an LGBTQIA+ romance thrown in – I am here for it.

Mum of a Premature Baby

A haunting and sometime dark tale with a modicum of romance this was an enjoyable read and I would consider reading another historical offering in the future.

Lynda’s Book Reviews

Felt a bit Agatha Christie meets Sarah Waters for all the right reasons. Loved Helen and Agnes’ relationship too. Agnes really changed my perceptions of her as the book continued and I found her particularly intriguing. Lots of characters that add to the plot and the small time hops are also interesting.

Bobs and Books

I thoroughly enjoyed Lying with Lions, from the twist and the turns to the deceit. There were some great revelations and payoffs.

Down to the Last Page

The tragedy that love and life are are depicted masterfully. Everything has an end and it’s regularly a bittersweet one. This and the loyalty to historical events gave me that sense of reality and allowed me to immediately dive under the skin of one of the characters.

The Book Dreamer’s Alley

About the Author

Annabel Fielding, having graduated from the University of Arts London with an MA in Public Relations, is a PR assistant by day and a novelist by night. Being a self-professed history geek, she dedicates her free time to obscure biographies, solo travel and tea.

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